You have to see the video below to really appreciate it, but we’ll do our best to describe it anyway. In a match-up between the Bucks and Cavs a few days ago, with only 2:57 remaining in the second quarter and play about to resume after a timeout, two Animate ‘feelers’ decided to share a little love off the court in what Bucks’ coach Tyronn Lue (#13 FCIR) simply described as “an embarrassing moment.”  So what exactly happened? J.R. Smith (#9 FCARwalked off the court for a quick hug from Jason Terry (#2 BEARon the bench, completely leaving his man unguarded. The ball was in play, unbeknown to them, and Matthew Dellavedova simply threw the ball to Smith’s man, Tony Snell, who took it in for a dunk. Whoops!

“Me and J.R. talked about it,” Lue said after practice Wednesday. “We’re just going to move forward. We had a discussion about it, he felt embarrassed about it, it was an embarrassing play. We talked about it. We’re moving on.”

If Lue understood Brain Type, he would better understand why his emotionally-minded player (the “Motivator”) might get a little distracted when there’s a hug to be had. In the end, maybe it’s some sweet justice for the wily Smith who has racked more than $1 million in league fines. In 2014 he was fined for tying together opponents’ shoelaces while waiting for free throws!

Be sure to catch the video below.



Written by: Staff
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