It was a freak incident, and one which former NBA player Jayson Williams (#13 FCIR) will never forget. Some readers may recall when the former Nets player shot and killed his limo driver, Gus Christofi, while showing him his shotgun years back. Williams was giving Christofi a tour of his mansion when he took out the firearm, thinking it was unloaded, and accidentally shot Christofi. Williams was convicted on four counts of covering up the shooting but was acquitted of aggravated manslaughter.

In candid honesty, Williams recently told a reporter that he was “a coward,” and “there is nothing I can do or say to bring Mr. Christofi back. If there was, I would do it. The cover-up was selfishness … me trying to protect myself.”  In the years following the 2002 tragedy, Jayson drank heavily. He spent a month at a rehabilitation center in Florida, deciding to stay and help as a volunteer. “I’ve quit trying to protect myself. I just try to live right and let the pieces fall where they may.”  He went on to say, “That’s my only job — to be sober. That’s my only job, just to be sober.”

These penitent and seemingly-sincere words are not typical for any BT, and for the Houdini-like #13s who can easily extricate themselves from nearly any troubles, they are even more impressive. We sure hope and pray that Jayson continues his pursuit of sobriety and honesty.

Williams was an NBA All-Star in 1998 and played 15 years in the league. You can check out a preview of the 60 Minutes episode below in which he is featured.



Written by: Staff
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