Have you ever seen a 350-pound quarterback? We haven’t either, but last week Chiefs defensive tackle Dontari Poe became just that when he leaped into the air and completed a play that’s been labeled, “The Hungry Pig Right.” It’s an actual play, and that’s what it’s really called!

When Poe first accepted the snap, of course, everyone assumed he would run the ball. He did, for a moment, which fooled everyone on the Broncos defense. Instead, however, he jumped. “The leap was utterly spectacular,” writes one author. “The biggest man on the field went airborne, and for a moment, time stood still.”  Now a good 6 inches off the ground, Poe threw the ball to the end zone to tight end Demetrius Harris, who was wide open and awaiting the toss. Poe’s throw looked more like a jump shot in the NBA, but it was accurate! Everything … the pass, the reactions before the throw, his jump, his weight … all is vintage one particular Type.

But first, watch an interview of Dontari Poe.

Now, watch the play for yourself.

Yes, Dontari Poe is a vintage #1 FEAR.

In our next article we’ll tell you a little more about Dak Prescott. Stay tuned!

Written by: Staff
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