How should the Packers defend Dak Prescott this weeknd? It’ll be hard since he has what is considered the best offensive line in the NFL, including one of its best running backs, an outstanding receiving corps, and a much better D in Big D than any recent years. Plus, the Boys will be playing at home where this crowd is a heavy positive for Animate, emotional BTs. Sounds like there isn’t much the Cheese Heads can do. Well, there actually is.

For one, make Dak think, and get him out of automatic pilot and his superior visual awareness. In this optimal visual mode for him, his passes will be accurate and his body balance and runs will be superior. To negate this, throw complicated defensive schemes at him. Get his head spinning. Alter his receiver’s routes and timing where DP will be required to employ spatial logic versus just throwing to a predetermined spot. Also keep him in the pocket, maybe sending only one edge rusher, etc. Force him to throw to one side of the field while sending a rusher to the blind side.

Once again, get him out of auto-pilot. Do anything to make him think even a Packer defender after a play asking him a question that requires logical calculations the more complicated the better. We’ve many hilarious illustrations gathered over the years whereby many #1s were cerebrally short-circuited by these kinds of actions (in all sports). Also, amping his emotions will also debilitate his performance. Yes, #1 Dak handles emotions better than most, but if his emotions get too high, his vision will suffer and so will his game. There’s much more, but this a starting point. Enjoy the game!

Written by: Staff