So what Brain Type has the propensity to be oblivious to their surroundings, both visibly and audibly? Or again, which of the 16 designs would be least apt to logically consider the implications of an action, or critique whether what they’re doing may not be the best idea? The runner-ups would definitely be between the #1 FEAR and the #9 FCARand this case it was a #9 who was the culprit.

So when coach Mike Tomlin (#13 FCIR) was giving a pep talk to his Steelers football team, even advising them to “keep a low profile” while another team member is heard saying, “Keep cool on social media. This is about us, nobody else,” it’s no big surprise that Antonio Brown was not only recording the event on his phone, but kept recording it all for nearly 20 minutes!  Typically NFL teams are often very protective of what goes on in the locker room, so “it’s surprising Brown chose to go live – and for that long.”  Nope, it’s not all the surprising, really.

Antonio Brown actions wouldn’t fly in the Patriot’s locker room, that’s for sure, according to fellow #9 Tom Brady (who certainly has a different persona based on nature and nurture). When asked about Brown’s social media post, Brady chuckled and said, “That’s against I think our team policy. I don’t think that would go over well with our coach.”  Again, no surprise here, knowing their head coach is drill sergeant Bill Belichick (#15 FCIL).

Check out the video. Brown smiles at the camera for minutes-on-end, and it is certainly a nice CA “Stork” smile, despite his lack of proper judgment. Sometimes it’s just hard to be mad at such a nice guy! (warning: there is language)

Written by: Staff
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