Hey what’s one sport you rarely see mentioned on the BTInsider? That’s right, UFC fighting! Today, however, is your lucky day!

Did anyone catch the humiliating fight last week between Ronda Rousey (#13 FCIR) and Amanda Nunes? Rousey was stopped 48 seconds into her first fight in 13 months, losing to the bantamweight champion Nunes. “Rousey never managed to get her footing against Nunes, who rocked Rousey with her very first punches. Rousey showed little defensive acumen as she staggered and stumbled backward with Nunes relentlessly pursuing her and landing 27 punches in the brief bout.”

Nunes, clearly not lacking her pride, stated, “I knew I was going to beat Rousey. I’m the best on the planet.” She also stated, “That’s it for her. For sure, she’s going to retire.”  It’s rumored that Rousey, the biggest star in the women’s game, is considering retirement shortly before her 30th birthday.

Do Nunes words sound like any renowned and confidant fighter of the past, who also happened to float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, and punch like a jackhammer? She not only sounds like Ali, but she’s also innately wired as was he, being a #1 FEAR. Does this now make any more sense why she pummeled Rousey? As all BT students know, though the #1s are born with the gift of gab, they also come designed with the most powerful muscles within humans; they are the definition of brawn especially when they give it the attention.

Check out the interview below of Amanda Nunes to see her Animate, #1 design. She’s very expressive and outgoing, exuding a cocky confidence not unlike fellow #1 Muhammad Ali. Remember, with her powerful gross-motor skills, high energy, and Right brain dominance, she’s ideally designed for the UFC arena. The #6 or #13 may out-think or out-strategize her, but when it comes to brute force, Nunes is queen of the ring.

Written by: Staff
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