Try finding Left brain dominant quarterbacks in the NFL in 2017 and you’ll be truly hard-pressed. (There is only 1 such QB among the 30 teams–#4 BEAL Carson Palmer.) Left brainers could play QB in NFL antiquity much easier than in today’s fast moving, sophisticated game; nonetheless, try finding any Left brain dominant quarterbacks who have actually done well in their careers and you’ll be equally hard-pressed. That is why when #15 FCIL Steve Young of the San Francisco 49ers led his team to 3 Super Bowls in the 1980s, while also becoming only one of two QBs in history to lead the NFL in passing six times, you just have to stand back and give him a hearty congratulations. In 2005, he was also inducted into the Hall of Fame as the first left-handed quarterback in NFL history.

By the way, notice he is left-handed? Just like fellow #15 Phil Mickelson of the PGA Tour, Young no doubt found greater success by being a Left brained ‘lefty’, thereby enabling him to better utilize the Right hemisphere of the brain to control his motor skills (the Right brain largely controls the left side of the body).Young’s atypical lefty gross motor adeptness helped him in both passing and running the ball.

As a #15 FCIL, Young is all business, and says he would have likely left his job at ESPN if his partners at HGGC didn’t use his celebrity to invite potential clients to their various stadium suites. My wife hates football, and my kids don’t really care, Young said recently. I see myself as a deal guy first. I’ve put football behind me. Roger Staubach once told me and I’ll never forget it: When you retire, run. Never look back. Good advice from another fellow #15 FCIL! As BT students know, #15s strive for future success; the past is essentially contemplated for lessons learned.

It’s hilarious what Young confesses to about his current job. He says he “puts the minimum effort into his analyst job, spending barely two hours on game preparation and bolting to the suite after he appears on air to try to lock up deals. He said he rarely even watches the game a negligence you’d think would be a deal-breaker for the Worldwide Leader, which prides itself on its NFL coverage, particularly in Monday’s prime-time slot.”

Since #15s are tops at orally communicating big-picture logic especially in sequential order, it’s easy to see why former QB Steve can just show up on set and sound intelligent. (Al Michaels and Bob Costas are also #15s.)

Not surprisingly, after football, Young got his law degree from BYU and has since been successful in corporate finance, becoming his passion. “He even tries to persuade other former NFL players to get involved with the firm.”

Leave it to the persuasive #15 to sell you on a dream or idea (a la Donald Trump)!

Written by: Staff
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