You’re angry. Your body hurts. You’re playing golf, and you’re playing terribly at that. You’re #5 FEIR John Daly, so what do you do? You throw your club in the lake and walk off the course.

Daly was struggling with some back issues and not playing great golf. After back-to-back bogeys at 6 and 7, Daly decided he had had enough, withdrawing and citing a problem with his Sciatic Nerve. Visibly frustrated, Daly threw his putter into the lake behind the 7th green, adding one more to the list of blowups and club tosses in his long career. Daly immediately left the course without speaking.

It was Daly’s final round at the Allianz Championship Sunday in Florida, and he certainly went out in “in-the-moment” FEIR fashion. Act now, deal with the consequences later!

Of course, every Brain Type has the capacity to be impulsive, but some more than others, and in various ways. Had Daly been a #16 BCIL, he likely would have given the matter a few moments of thought, telling himself, “Hmm … this club is worth $500. Maybe I’ll go sell it on Ebay instead.”

Written by: Staff
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