It was a sudden news conference he called for last week, and after an hour and 15 minutes of talking and answering questions, we again were shown how the #15 FCIL is the master BT on their feet in terms of articulating contextual logic, keeping command of their audience, and simply being so blunt that they are downright hilarious at times. Yes, it was like watching “The Apprentice” all over again, with Trump telling most of the media “you’re fired.”

We are not saying Trump was fool-proof, or didn’t tactically dodge a few curve balls he was thrown. After all, when asked why he keeps repeating the inaccurate statistic that he had the biggest electoral win since Reagan, he stated, “I was given that information” and quickly moved on. But in the end, Donald came out virtually unscathed.

Trump reiterated during the conference that he is simply fulfilling the promises he made to the American people while campaigning, and that he has their full-support (or majority support) to do so. Whether on immigration (conducting ICE raids), Obamacare (instructing the HHSD to “grant exceptions from” or “delay” the enforcement of the mandate), or cutting down regulations (taking away 2 regulations for every 1 added), Donald has certainly been a busy #15 bee since making the White House his home.

Relentlessly, Trump called out the media again and again, stating, “Nobody mentions that Hillary received the question to the debates. Can you imagine if I received the debate questions beforehand like Hillary? You would have called for the re-institution of the electric chair.” He also reminded the everyone that, “Hillary gave Russia 20% of the uranium in our country … I haven’t done a thing for Russia.”

Trump went on to tell Jim Acosta at CNN, “You have a lower approval rate than Congress.” A little later, Another reporter asked him, “Is it fake news or real leaks? There seems to be a disconnect.” The ill-thought-through-question was an easy one to answer for Trump, who replied, “Well, it was real leaks but fake news.” Meaning, the leaks occurred, but the way they were twisted and/or reinterpreted by the media was fake, or in Trump’s words, “Very fake.”

Lastly, Trump had folks laughing pretty good when he stated midway through the conference, “Tomorrow the headlines are going to read, ‘Donald Trump rants and raves.’ I’m not ranting and raving. I’m having a good time!”

Lasting 1 hour and 15 minutes, he certainly did seem to be having a good time!

Written by: Staff