The #12 BCAL is a very rare bird, especially in the NBA. Those old enough may remember Jim McIlvaine, the tall white guy who spent seven seasons with the Washington Bullets, Seattle SuperSonics and New Jersey Nets. Yes, he was/is a #12 who, all things considered, did well enough for himself to be remembered.

Recently, Kenyon Martin (#13 FCIR) of the Denver Nuggets joined Chris Broussard on the. In The Zone podcast and opened up about some brutal fights he has witnessed (or been in) during his time in the league, and one of those included, yes, Mr. McIlvaine. Only, it wasn’t Jim who started it, necessarily.

“I’ve seen fights, been a part of fights in practice, fights in the locker room after the game. My rookie year, I saw Kendall Gill choke out Jim McIlvaine in practice. Choked him out in practice one day. Jim McIlvaine was wild. He elbowed him one day in practice, elbowed him a couple times, and Kendall got fed up. Grabbed him, put him to the ground, man, and choked him, like, ‘I’ll kill you!'”

lol, it’s no surprise that McIlvaine was “wild” with his elbows. As dominant Conceptual, Left brainers, #4s are not gifted in the here-and-now world of reality (i.e. being fine-tuned to their surroundings), nor in motor-skill finesse. They are stiff, deliberate, and mechanical, and must start at an EARLY age to better suppress these BT tendencies. In fact, of the 16 inborn Brain Types, they are arguably the least gifted athletically (though in the classroom is an entirely different story!).

Kendall Gill is a #2 BEAR, which, too, makes sense. Notice he didn’t attack McIlvaine right away, but let his frustration stew to the point where he could no longer hold it in. And when a #2 gets angry, watch out!

Written by: Staff