Brain Typists don’t typically think of the #3 FEAL as being “haughty”, or necessarily “cocky”. Particularly among females, they are kind-hearted individuals who enjoy conversation and hospitality, deriving energy simply by mingling with people. Males, too, can share these qualities, though in sports they tend to over-focus on self-image, desiring to appear cool, confident, and the best player on the team. In professional sports, however, they are never the best player on the team. This, unfortunately, can push them to try even harder to keep up their fragile image.

For Greg Hardy, who formerly played for the Dallas Cowboys, he learned his lesson the hard way, taking beating after beating from guys as big and strong, or even stronger, than he. Yes, Hardy has joined MMA fighting, and he says it has been a positive experience.

 It’s helped me a lot of ways, Hardy told Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour. I have a lot of problems as a human being. It’s not something that you do, just walking around saying I’m perfect or I’m good. Man, I have a lot of different issues that I’m definitely working through and working on. I would say this helps me channel everything. It helps me just come back down to Earth, be humble, because these are machines that I see everyday. I get choked out, punched in the face, and laid out on the mat daily, and that’s not something that a guy my size and my stature with my history has every come across.”

A bit of humble pie for Mr. Hardy, for sure. He went on to conclude, “It’s a humbling experience, man.

Hardy is starting drug rehabilitation and anger management classes next month. He says he accepts complete responsibility for his actions, which led him to be kicked out of the NFL. “It feels like I did this to me, and it sucks. I was where I needed to be, I had everything that I wanted, and the normal story is, ‘Man, somebody took it away,’ and I don’t have that. I took it away from myself. Now I’m nobody. I’m nowhere. I’m just in the middle of where I put myself.”

A good lesson for us all that having everything can cause us to appreciate nothing.

Written by: Staff
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