“Dancing With The Stars” gives us a chance to see some different Brain Types take the stage. We’ve written previously about the disaster that was #7 FEIL Kate Gosling, among others, and for season 24 we will be witnessing another Left brain dominant female take the stage. This gal, however, has practiced over her lifetime, not so much in dancing but in graceful figure-skating. Her name is Nancy Kerrigan.

Kerrigan, for those who remember, is a #3 FEAL who made a name for herself in 1994 when she won a silver medal at the Lillehammer Winter Olympics. She was also known for her fashion sense, which comes as little surprise knowing her inborn design (think Princess Diana). Now she will be trying her hand (or feet) at dancing on live television, but before the season has even started, rumors are spreading that she’s been a bit bossy.

Nancy is really starting to make a lot of people angry because she is acting like she already knows what she is doing, a production insider claimed. She is trying to choreograph her own routines and is just being incredibly bossy to the other contestants and to the production crew. It got so bad that they had to straight up tell her, this is Dancing with the Stars, not Skating with the Stars!

To be sure, spoiled #3s females can turn into major divas, and Kerrigan has certainly lead the privileged lifestyle. Also, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time the world witnessed Nancy acting a bit bratty. One author goes on to recall back in the early 90s, When Oksana, overcome by emotion, cried tears of joy for a good long time, Nancy’s body language was unmistakably disgusted. As if to say Hey we can shut off the waterworks and just get on with it.’

At any rate, also taking the stage will be recent Olympic sensation Simone Biles, a #9 FCAR, and she admits she is a bit nervous, largely because Simone has never danced with a man before. “I think just generally dancing in heels and dancing with a partner because I’ve never experienced that before. Sasha Farber is the first guy I’ve danced with.”  Kerrigan later commented about her and Biles, “I think as an athlete we’re used to being coached. I think having performed to music, I have a little bit of an advantage. I’m hoping that helps.”

Naturally, the #9 far exceeds the #3 in dancing ability (pliability, agility, quickness, etc.), so Kerrigan is fortunate to have had her nurture, rather than nature. Still, as an EA ‘dove’, Nancy still is gross-motor dominant, which is a plus. She is 47 years old, however, while Biles is a youthful 20, so that may come into play as well. In the end, both have had significant practice on their feet, so will match up rather evenly, but should the pressure really hit, look for Kerrigan to perhaps make a few stilted moves, or Left brain ‘rigid’ mistakes. If she remains relaxed, however, thanks to her years and years of figure skating nurture, Kerrigan will certainly be the one to beat!

Written by: Staff
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