Just days after a phone recording was revealed from 2016 with the voice of Paul Ryan stating to fellow Republicans, “I am not going to defend Donald Trump. Not now, ever,” the Speaker of the House is singing a new tune. Apparently, all he needed was a little quality time spent with his fellow #15 FCILAs a new health-care plan is nearing completion, Ryan and Donald have been speaking to one another nearly “every day,” and Ryan praised the president for his rare Reaganesque ability to connect with the American people and his hands-on, crucial role in negotiating sharp differences among Republican lawmakers.

 I’ve gotta tell you. I am very pleased and very excited it’s something I haven’t seen in a long time. This president is getting deeply involved. He is helping bridge gaps in our conference. He is a constructive force to help us get to a resolution so that we get consensus on how to repeal and replace Obamacare.

And again, “The president, his involvement and his engagement, his listening and his negotiating skills, are bringing people together so that we have a bill that we can pass.”

Wow, almost sounds like a quote from one of Jon Niednagel’s books! “This Brain Type has the ability to harness people or groups toward a goal.They are natural leaders who work hard, delegate well, and accomplish much,” Niednagel wrote of the #15 FCIL more than 25 years ago. And keep in mind, too, Niednagel had already Brain Typed Mr. Trump as a #15 years before that blurb was even written.

 No offense, Ryan finally went on to tell reporters, but he goes around the media and connects with people specifically and individually. This is a power that we haven’t seen since Ronald Reagan. Yes, an FCIL comparing a former FCIL to a current FCIL. Irony, wouldn’t you say? With the knowledge of BT, your friends may start finding your accurate predictions being a little more than “ironic.”

Written by: Staff
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