What happens when two Animate ‘feelers’ get miffed at each other? Well, depends on how they were raised.

Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb were NFL teammates who just didn’t get a long, and people have wondered why. After all, they were roommates and soulmates all through their first training camp. Owens, in his own words, had this recently to say, There was a game, I can’t remember if it was we were playing the Giants or the Browns or whatever the case may be, but throughout the course of practice, there were designed, specific plays for myself. Ran it over and over. Knew it was going to work in the game. Ran that play to a T. Open, wide open, I didn’t get the ball. I could hear my teammates from the sideline,why didn’t he throw the ball? So I go back to the huddle and I was like dude, I was open. And you know what his response was to me? Shut the F up. That was disrespectful. I’ve never disrespected any of my teammates to that degree.”

T.O says he doesn’t know why McNabb turned on him, though he has ideas. “To go into Lincoln Financial Field, do what I did, have 70,000 people chant your name, T.O., T.O.’ Maybe that got under his skin. But, for me, I didn’t have anything personally against Donovan, because I went there to achieve the goal of helping them get to the Super Bowl.

Knowing the #1 FEARs tendency to crave the limelight, McNabb may very well have been a bit jealous of his talented teammate. Owens says if you don’t believe him, ask others. You can ask the teammates. You can go to Philly, you can ask the some of the staff. Again, even from Ray Sherman, who coached me in Dallas. He basically has said tell them to call [me]. Talk to him. These are the guys that have coached me. If you want to know the truth, call him.”

On the other side of the coin, it is always prudent to take the counsel of the wisest man to ever live, ancient Israel’s King Solomon. Among his many writings, he penned in the book of Proverbs, chapter 18:v.7, The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him. Certainly there’s more to the T.O./ D. Mc story, but it’s a no-brainer that these two high-energy, Right-brained Animates have strong visceral ties to this distant on-field occasion and their many more moments together. Neither of their Q1 inborn designs operate by Q4 analysis, so there are surely more blanks to fill in, the g-rated blanks.

It’s also relevant to note that BTI Director Jon Niednagel was the to first notice T.O.s tremendous upside way back in 1996 before Mr. Owens was drafted in the third round by the 49ers. Working for an NFL team and attending the 96 Combine in Indianapolis, Niednagel waited in the hotel hall as all the players were scurrying from one team to another for their evening interviews. Having only a few minutes to get from one room to their next appointment down the hall, Jon strategically placed himself to spot any diamonds in the rough as they hurried by. When Jon spotted T.O. approaching, neither knowing who he was nor his playing position, he respectfully asked for only 2 minutes and a few questions. T.O. consented and within their brief conversation, Niednagel discerned he was definitely a #9 FCAR Brain Type, which instantly revealed his inborn mental and physical skills and upside potential (as all BT students know). Niednagel could check later if T.O.s key football stats made the NFL grade. Now 20-plus years later, Owens has since retired as the second all-time receiver (with career yardage) in NFL history (short of who else, Jerry Rice another #9 BT)!

That very evening many moons ago, Niednagel told his team’s personnel authorities of Mr. Owens’ BT assessment and to check him out carefully. If T.O. came clean on the team’s criteria, Niednagel highly recommended him and gave numerous reasons for this. (Many of these can be read in the numerous editions of Jon’s sports book, under football and the #9 BT.) In fairness to the team Niednagel was serving, they had never used his services before and thus didn’t grasp the full extent of his recommendation (similar to the Manning Leaf situation).

And by the way, T.O was much calmer in those days, and he demonstrated this in his interview with Niednagel. As we all know, success doesn’t usually lead to greater humility, another lesson King Solomon warned against (regardless of the time in history). Here are only 2 of the many verses he wrote on the subject:

16:19 The humble spirit and humble eyes are better than he that divides loot with the mighty.
18:12 Before ruin, the heart of a man will be lifted up, and before honor is humility. 

Written by: Staff
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