Uh oh! It looks like President Donald Trump has gotten a little too high on his horse lately, a particular pitfall of the #15 FCIL when they think they’re invincible. Our readers are probably aware by now of the recent health care bill that was shot down by conservative Republicans who labeled it “Obamacare Lite.” Yes, both Trump and fellow #15 Paul Ryan came down much too heavy-handed in trying to ram through the health care bill, not unlike the way #15 Ms. Nancy Pelosi rammed though Obamacare just a few years back. The familiar motto seems to be, pass it so we can read it!!

While Trump is certainly responsible for the defeat, the bill has rightly been nicknamed “Ryancare,” as he “concocted it in secret, without input from the Freedom Caucus and others outside his ring. This was a fatal mistake in judgment and hubris.”  As has been rightly pointed out by many, voters went to the polls last year to repeal Obamacare, not fix it.

It indeed is a blow to The Donald’s image, but not indefinitely. If he can start over and “concoct” a bill (perhaps with the help of Rand Paul and not Paul Ryan this time) that appeases those who wish to see Obamacare gone for good, this failure will surely become a distant memory. Politics must be set aside, however. Trump has shown himself capable of doing such in the past, and must now do so again.

Written by: Staff