Quick! Among all Inanimate, logic-seeking Brain Types, which is the slowest to reach an in-the-moment conclusion? Quick!

If you said the #16 BCIL, you would be quite correct. Catch the Oscars last week? Even if you didn’t, you probably heard about what happened. Warren Beatty (#16 BCIL) and Faye Dunaway (#13 FCIR) announced the wrong film for “Best Picture”, sending the world into an uproar. And the winner is, “La La Land!” Nope, the real winner was “Moonlight”, but somehow the card for “Best Actress” ended up in their hands.

Garrett Temple (#13 FCIR) of the Sacramento Kings said it best when he Tweeted: “I love the fact that Warren Beatty passed it off to Faye Dunaway and was like u gotta take this one!!”

Leave it to the methodical #16 to not know what to do, passing the buck onto poor Ms. Dunaway. And how did the #13 FCIR respond? Forget that it says, “Emma Stone – La La Land” on the card, and just interpret the winner to be “La La Land!”  She did just that, sending Hollywood into a tailspin.

I opened the envelope and it said Emma Stone, La La Land,’ Beatty explained. That’s why I looked at Faye, and at you. I wasn’t trying to be funny. Host Jimmy Kimmel (#13 FCIR) then took to the microphone to ask, Warren, what did you do?

Ahh … well, it made for good TV.

What was made for the BT audience, however, is what transpired behind the scenes. According to the New York Post:

The drama involving Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty began well before the duo co-starred in the most humiliating gaffe in Oscars history. During the rehearsal for Sunday’s show, Dunaway and Beatty argued over who would be the one to announce the winner for Best Picture when they took the stage as co-presenters, TMZ reported. Things got so combative that they reportedly refused to rehearse walking out together, opting to do so separately instead. Beatty, 79, ultimately relented and let Dunaway announce the winner, according to TMZ, but that turned out to be bad news for her considering he was given the wrong envelope.

One can only imagine exactly why the two sparred over which would be the ultimate presenter, but knowing their differing BTs, it’s not a shocker for this to occur. If you watch the accompanying link, you’ll notice at its beginning, Faye softly says to Warren, you’re impossible. It’s doubtful this is the first time the #16 BT heard this during his lifetime!


Written by: Staff
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