Former NBAer Kevin Garnett always tried to play the “bad boy” type, but Brain Type enthusiasts were never fooled. A #9 FCAR, Kevin was all heart and emotion (and talk!), but never the killer instinct, ala the #6 BEIRSo when it came out recently that KG, who recently joined the Clippers staff as a consultant, said he was inspired to exercise like fellow #9 Beyonc after seeing her work out while singing, it was only all-to-predictable!

One time I saw her working out, and she was doing her dances and she was singing while she was doing her dancing,” says Garnett. “So then I’m thinking to myself, maybe I should run and sing at the same time. So in the offseason, I would go to Malibu and I would go down to the beach, and when I run on the beach I would be like Lalala lalala lalala, while I’m running. So then, when I get on the court and I’m getting back on defense and I’m talking on defense, I don’t get tired.”

Yes, channel that “Motivator” energy, Kevin! As children (especially females), #9s commonly love music, whether it’s singing to it or dancing (they want to move their energized bodies!). They can be gifted musicians, too, with a good ear for tone and melody (Right brain dominant coupled with Animate feeling). Whitney Houston, Reba McIntire, and Amy Grant are just a few #9 notable names.

Actually, humming music before an athletic event can be beneficial for any BT, relaxing the body and activating the Right side of the brain (the Right hemisphere governs creativity and the arts, including many phases of music). It’s not surprising that a 7-foot KG never went into the entertainment industry, but had he done so, he and #9 Kanye West certainly would have made quite the emotional dynamic duo!

Written by: Staff
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