A quick update on Dancing With The Stars and Nancy Kerrigan (#3 FEAL) for our readers. Days ago, headlines read, “Nancy Kerrigan melts down during rehearsal.”  So what happened? Nancy was given a compliment. Yep, that’s it. Dance partner Artem Chigvintsev told Kerrigan she “looked good.”  In response, while talking to herself, “emotional Kerrigan retreated behind a door and said, ‘He’s trying to give me a compliment and I don’t like it!'”

Here we have a case of nature and nurture. Kerrigan went on to explain that she’s been “judged my whole life” and finds it hard to accept praise. Opening Jon Niednagel’s book, Brain Types and Parenting, we flip to the #3 FEAL and read, “They are high achievers, motivated early to please teachers and parents.”  And again, “When faced with difficult situations, they may fear the worst will happen.”  The dominant Animate Ms. Kerrigan inherently wants to please both her instructor and the television audience. Coupled with her nurture of being “judged my whole life,” it seems the pressure got to her ‘feelings’ in the moment (Empirical). The #3 certainly thrives on praise, but they are also quite realistic of others and themselves. Hence, Nancy knew (at least in her own mind) the compliment was a forced one, and didn’t believe it, and didn’t want it. She snapped, and over her long career we’re sure it wasn’t the first time. At any rate, after practice Nancy went on to say, “That was like five minutes of the whole week! We’re truly having a ton of fun most of the time, we’re just laughing.”

That’s good! In sports (or dancing), the best thing for a dominant Left brainer to do is “have fun,” relax, and turn their critiquing brains off!

Written by: Staff
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