When it comes to noticing the details of life, dominant Empiracals rule the roost. Reality is their forte. “What is” is their best friend. The here-and-now dominates their consciousness 24/7 (well, except while they’re sleeping), hence largely blocking out the Cerebral, imaginative world that dominant Conceptuals dwell in (which is also helpful in its proper time and place).

So, dominant Es notice things. Their eyes are like those of a hawk, seeing what most others are blind to, or ignorant of, in visible life.  The video below is a great interview with former tennis great Andre Agassi, a #5 FEIR, telling how he defeated Borris Becker 9 out of their last 11 match after losing to him the first 3 matches of his career. Becker, by the way, is another #5 FEIR.

So what changed the game for Andre? Watching Becker’s tongue. We’re not kidding. Listen to how Andre describes it.

Perhaps the best part of this video is Agassi’s insightful quote at the beginning, which rings true especially in light of Brain Type and the differences in people!

“You can’t problem solve unless you have the ability or the empathy to perceive all that’s around you. The more you understand what the problem is through other peoples’ lens the more you can solve for people in life and in business.”

Written by: Staff