Our sympathies go out to head coach Steve Kerr, who in recent days has been experiencing “excruciating pain” according to sources, even to the point where he can barely walk. Kerr hasn’t felt well all series, according to people around him, and recently it became unbearable. Where did it start? Nobody is sure, but they are looking to back surgery Kerr had in 2015 that caused a fluid leak in his spine.  His symptoms have also included headaches and nausea. Thankfully, “Kerr felt well enough Saturday morning to address the team,” though he did not attend the Warriors pregame shootaround.

Pain is difficult for anyone, especially dominant Empirical #8 BEILs. They are acutely aware of their bodies (which is why they often tend to be thin), and you can be sure Kerr is feeling every bit of pain his body is sending his way. Jon Niednagel, who has been fighting a malignancy over the last several years, can certainly sympathize with Jeff, while they also share the same inborn BT.

On the flip-side, #9 FCARs arguably have the greatest pain thresholds (which also makes them great long distance runners). In sports competition, numbers #9 and #13, as dominant subconscious, Right Front-brained Conceptuals, are able to suppress painful reality like none others. Yet when not engaging an energetic sports endeavor, but rather in solitude, #9s and #13s can be overcome by painful reality even to the point of exaggerating it. Thus, when unpleasantness hits, on or off the field, #9s and #13s typically like to stay on the move anything to keep them from the reflecting on the ills of the moment.

Written by: Staff