We couldn’t help notice some interesting reports on Bob Myers, General Manager of the Golden State Warriors. Steve Kerr (#8 BEIL), their current coach, recently went on to say of him, “He doesn’t interfere, yet they know he’s there. He’s got a really special quality of being here and then staying in the background at the same time. He gets it. I think that’s the way he approaches his life. He’s very modest and yet he’s very confident. He’s very knowledgeable and yet he listens. He’s never the know-it-all guy who has to show he’s the smartest in the room but he actually is the smartest in the room.

Wow! How’s that for a glowing report? Mr. Myers is a #6 BEIR, and truth be told, he has spent a good deal of time around Jon Niednagel and Brain Typing. Niednagel first met and Typed Myers way back when he was just a rarely used player on the UCLA Bruins 1995 NCAA Championship team, telling then-coach Jim Harrick (#7 FEILof Bob’s design. Knowing that he possessed a BT that had much upside, Jon became friends with Myers and encouraged him to max his inborn giftedness in all areas of life. Not only did Bob go on to get his law degree, but he took it back into basketball to eventually become assistant general manager of Golden State, and now he is the general manager. After the 2014-15 regular season, Myers was even named the NBA Basketball Executive of the Year.

At any rate, the knowledge of Brain Types has certainly been a benefit to the #6 Myers over the years, whose Brain Type can have a natural tendency to lack social skills. Yet, Myers took the challenge and has remarkably become the exact opposite. Stephen Curry (#13 FCIRwent on to say of him, He understands how important it is for him to be aware of everything that’s going on, how everybody’s feeling. It’s a tough job, for sure, to have to balance, manage, all these different personalities and the ups and downs of the season. He’s bridged the gap between upstairs and downstairs. All that responsibility, it all pays out when we all succeed, and a lot of that goes to what Bob does on a day-to-day basis. He finds a way to be personable, to be connected to every single person in our organization. And it’s very genuine. That goes a long way.

The Warriors 2017 squad has many top NBA stars, and Mr. Myers knows them very well, including much about their inborn Brain Types.

Written by: Staff
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