A famous “Hollywood Hookup” from back in the 1950s was the relationship between baseball’s Joe DeMaggio and the big screen’s Marilyn Monroe. And wow, when you put a #2 BEAR like Joe and a #9 FCAR like Marilyn together, you have yourself a unique combination! DiMaggio married the Hollywood star in 1954, but they would split just nine months later. Dr. Rock Positano’s became a good friend of the iconic baseball player in 1990 when he helped Joe with an old heel spur injury, and says he became part of DiMaggio’s “Bat Pack,” who comprised of just a handful of friends. As one author puts it, DiMaggio was “notoriously private.”

You can read the source article for yourself, but we thought one quote from Positano was revealing of Monroe’s inborn Brain Type. The most important thing that he always told the group was that she was an amazingly intelligent, talented, gifted actress and he had a problem with people seeing her as this dumb blonde. He made it clear to our group that she was anything, but a dumb blonde. She can learn scripts faster than most people could. And he always found that to be an amazing part of her make-up. Going way beyond her physical beauty, he felt that she was a smart professional.

While at an early age the #9 FCAR can seem someone unintelligent (after all, they’re usually bouncing off the walls), they love to please their teachers (and others), and hence will often push themselves academically. They particularly excel when things aren’t too mundane. As Niednagel writes in Brain Types and Parenting“Work is play and needs to be unstructured with constant interaction. They can spend hours researching subjects that interest them. The next day, however, the interest may have flown, replaced with new pursuits and new stimuli.”

Research reveals female #9s have an advantage over their male counterparts, accessing the Left brain more readily. Language typically comes easier and earlier for lady #9s. Yet compared to the other Conceptual Q2ers, namely the #13 FCIR BT, Marylyn and fellow-9s do not possess the same technical aptitude for acting and other vocations. Nonetheless, Joe’s assessment of her abstract intelligence was spot on, especially coming from the grounded perspective of a highly Empirical and sensing #2.

DiMaggio talked very little of Marilyn, and no one dared ask. We never, ever, ever brought up Marilyn Monroe at the dinner table, he stressed. If he brought her up, he brought her up and of course, no one dared ask a follow-up question. He went on to say, “We felt that their careers may have led to the issues that they had but Joe had a tremendous amount of love, respect and concern for her. And I think at the end of the day, Joe was more concerned about making sure that she was in a good place and good position. That she was cared for and loved. That was really his biggest concern.

Yes, lest anyone wrongly assume two Animate “feelers” can have a perfect marriage, it can be everything but.  Every Brain Type comes with their deep flaws, and marriage is centered on a promise of self-sacrifice, patience, and putting the other first, “till death do you part.”

Written by: Staff
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