In our latest article we told you about Kei Nishikori, a rare #9 FCAR on the professional tennis circuit known for his likable personality and energy on the court. Ranked just above him at #10 is a fellow by the name of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, a Frenchman not to be trifled with, having beat ‘the big four’ during his career … Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Andy Murray.

Tsonga has a nickname, and it’s not surprising when you see his picture. At first glance, it’s as if boxing great Muhammad Ali (#1 FEAR) came back as a tennis player, hence the “Ali” nickname for Wilfried. Remember, however, that resemblance doesn’t always equal same inborn Brain Type. Yet, in this case, it does!

Tsonga, like Ali, is a a #1 entertainer, and he says he loves playing in front of the crowd. As one author writes, “Jo-Wilfried Tsonga’s game is definitely one of the most entertaining players on the ATP Tour, for his game and character.”   Lo and behold (and no surprise to BT enthusiasts), Tsonga is also known for sacrificing his body on the court, diving for balls as if his life depended on it. Be sure to check out the video below, “Jo-Wilfried Tsonga – Top 10 Incredible Diving Volleys.”

Channeling his inner Elvis Presley (#1), Tsonga also has a signature victory dance, where his feet spin in a series of “small skips and pirouetting leaps,” and he “raises his arms and sticks out his thumbs.” In his own words, “It was totally spontaneous because I was so happy” after beating Lleyton Hewitt (a rare ATP #6 BEIR). “I thought: ‘OK, if they loved it here, maybe they will love it everywhere’.” Tsonga also wishes he could just have fun playing tennis. “I wish I could’ve played 30 years ago. They had a fantastic time then. It was the best time to be a tennis player … They had a lot of fun. Now it’s not possible because it is so professional and there is so much money.”

In our next article we’ll highlight another #1 FEAR on the women’s circuit. Stay tuned!



Written by: Staff
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