She’s only 20 years old and won the French Open this year. She is the youngest woman to win it since 1997, and on top of that, she was unseeded. (And by the way, what female BT is usually most dominant on the French clay which is both slow and slippery?) Her name is Jelena Ostapenko, and although she lost to Venus Williams (#9 FCAR) last week at Wimbledon, the future is looking bright for this young Latvian phenom.

Ostapenko is a #1 FEAR, like a Serena Williams, Caroline Wozniacki, and Anna Kournikova. She is an outspoken individual on the court, having quite the scream when she hits the ball (She also hits with very flat ground strokes, a #1 trait for sure). Check out the hilarious video below, titled, “The Battle of C’mons” where Jelena goes against Serena two years ago. Both Ostapenko and Williams yell “C’mon!” over a dozen times each during the match. Whether they were truly trying to motivate themselves in #1 fashion, or maybe just trying to get under each others’ skin, we may never know!

At 37 years of age, it’s amazing that Venus is still going strong (not to mention her battles with health). Her victory over Ostapenko will place her in the womens top 10 in the world, a well-deserved ranking. It’s definitely a good time to make her run while little sister Serena is out due to pregnancy!



Written by: Staff
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