Serena Williams is pregnant, so winning Wimbledon was not on her “to do” list this year. Thus, instead, taking her place to win it last week was a gal named Garbine Muguruza. BTI had never analyzed Garbine before, and while initially she gave the impression of a well-spoken #13 FCIR, we are here to tell you that Wimbledon has yet another #1 FEAR champion.

Looking at the i-Blog over the last few weeks, one would think FEARs are taking over the tennis circuit. From Jo-Wilfried Tsonga on the mens tour to the young Jelena Ostapenkoa on the womens, #1s are seemingly once again swinging the racket and making a name for themselves. Does anyone remember #1 Jennifer Capriati (who also resembled fellow #1 Monica Lewinsky)? Muguruza is from the same genetic stock, it seems, and when she lets her hair down she might pass for Jennifer’s cross-cultural sister (Muguruza is Spanish-Venezuelan). She dances, she smiles, she laughs, and she screams during her hits, all tendencies of the energy-expending FEAR.

Garbine defeated her childhood idol Venus Williams (#9 FCAR) for the trophy, saying everything just came together. Is very hard to find, like, a recipe to feel good fitness-wise, tennistically [sic], mentally. I think in this tournament I put everything together, which is very hard. Normally, you’re tired, I feel pain here, my confidence is not there. So I felt this tournament I find somehow to put everything together and perform good at every level. For the emotional #1, mental stability is key. Ai??When the brain breaks down, so do their EA ‘dove’ muscles, causing them to take unneeded risks and hit wild shots out of bounds as their gross-motors stiffen. To be sure, this has happened to the young 23-year old Muguruza before.

“Two years ago I lost in final to Serena and she said I would win one day,” says Garbine, “and two years later here I am. There will be a big party to celebrate for sure.”

Yes, and as long as she stays healthy, we think Muguruza will be a tough contender for many years to come.

Written by: Staff
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