An article came out a little while ago that differentiated two particular Brain Types with striking accuracy, namely the #1 FEAR and the #6 BEIR. The article quotes former Chicago Bull #13 FCIR Will Purdue, who watched fellow Bull Michael Jordan play day after day. In his opinion, Jordan’s persistence was the differentiating factor between him and the Cavalier’s LeBron James.

In Purdue’s own words, You see LeBron say: I’m playing hard, I averaged a triple-double, I’ll sleep well tonight.’ I don’t think you would ever hear those words come out of MJ’s mouth. Even if he had 60, [if] he lost and thought somebody had got the best of him, he would be pissed.

Jordana’s infamous competitive drive made him the goat back in the day, but it would lead him to “somehow find a way to beat you somehow Perdue says. I’m not sure how. He’s not sure how, but he would stay up weeks to figure it out.

Veteran Brain Typists needn’t be reminded of the #6 BEIR‘s innate tactical design (ala General Norman Schwarzkopf in Desert Storm), and also just how much they hate, hate, hate to lose. James is a great player, arguably even more talented than MJ (especially with gross motor prowess), and due to his size and strength many might even be incline–d to choose him first for their fantasy basketball team. But, when it came to sheer contempt over losing a single ball game, none compared to Jordan. He was the undisputed king of competitive fire.

Although a king in his own right, Mr. James could use a little of MJ’s ‘fury’ if he hopes to win another championship ring.

Written by: Staff
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