We love training our BTInsiders to become better people readers’ in order that they, too, can be able to identify others’ inborn designs and better relate to them. Here is a humorous test case for you all … NFL lineman Chris Jones of the Kansas City Chiefs. Watch the video below and make your guesses.

What’s Chris Jones’ favorite thing about playing defense at Arrowhead Stadium?  Oh man, the fans, the popcorn smelling. The stadium smells so good all game I want to take a break from the game, run up there and grab me a hot dog or something. I know it sounds fat but honestly it smells so good at Arrowhead Stadium. Warm-ups man, you can smell the hot cocoa. A lady asked me if I wanted hot cocoa. I had to say no cause we were playing. But I really did. It’s crazy, man.”

And what’s his favorite thing to do in his off time?  “Sleep. I can sleep all day. Sleep and eat.”

Written by: Staff