As the “take the knee” football controversy continues to intensify, started by Colin Kaepernick (#13 FCIR) a year or so ago, another well-known athlete has a thing or two to say about it. His name is Herschel Walker, former Heisman Trophy winner, professional American football player, bobsledder, sprinter, and mixed martial artist. Yeah, that’s quite the resume, and leave it to the energetic, athletic #9 FCAR to be able to claim those titles. While Herschel may initially come across as a tough #5 FEIR, or even a jaw-flapping #1 FEAR like Muhammad Ali, he is a creative, imaginative #9 who is gifted in verbally engaging with his audience.

Check out the video about Mr. Walker. You’ll see he and others claim he suffers from multi-personality disorder, or DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), a commonality we find among the #13 and #9 Brain Types (or rather, among those diagnosed with it, the majority tend to be one of these two designs). Without going into much in-depth science, remember that #9s and #13s are gifted most in imagining “what could be”, thanks to the abstract Q1 neurons, and can pretend to be other people (hence Hollywood is full of them). They are like chameleons, adapting their personalities to suit their surroundings (more or less, depending on upbringing and self insecurity). Think of Beyonce, who’s other, more aggressive persona of herself she calls “Sasha Fierce.” Beyonce went on to explain,“I have two different sides to my personality. It’s when I’m on the stage and who I really am (off stage) … and give them (fans) a better, deeper connection to my true feelings and my sensitivities and vulnerabilities. The more mature I get the more I use Sasha Fierce when I’m afraid or when I need to be strong or a little more tough.”

Walker has demonstrated amazing physical discipline throughout his life and career (and only eats 1 meal a day!), but this comes as no surprise to Brain Type enthusiasts. Think … who is considered to be the, or one of the most regimented football players today? Yes, Tom Brady, another #9. Remember, too, that #9s can tend to be fear-oriented, wanting to keep up appearances (especially as they get older) and seeking to please those around them. Herschel was also raised with a solid upbringing down in his home state of Louisiana.

In terms of martial arts and fighting, two well-known #9 boxers have been Oscar De La Hoya and Evander Holyfield.

Also check out the video below where Walker shares his thoughts on taking the knee.



Written by: Staff