We all know of Metta World Peace (#1 FEAR), formerly known as Ron Artest of the NBA, but do you know of the famous rapper Brother Love? No, you probably don’t, because such wasn’t his name until just recently. The world formerly knew him as Diddy, P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, or just Puff. Well folks, no longer.

I decided to change my name again, said Sean Combs (his original name) on Twitter Saturday from a seaside location while celebrating his birthday. I’m just not who I am before. I’m something different. So, my new name is Love, aka Brother Love… I’ve been praying on this. I know it’s risky. It could come off as corny to some people.

For those unaware, Combs is a #2 BEAR, so the fluffy name isn’t all too surprising (remember, a dominant Animate ‘feeler’). Male #2s, especially, find it quite difficult to leave the emotional center of Q2 (including R. amygdalae). Being around others takes them to Q1 (the RPFC) where they find emotional relief, but upon returning to their alone times, emotions envelop them again (good and bad). You probably will be hard-pressed to find a #6 BEIR or #7 FEIL changing their names to something so ‘lovey’ (or the often grounded, reality-driven #7 changing their name at all!).

Happy birthday, Brother Love.

Written by: Staff
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