When all was said and done, he had murdered over two-dozen people in Southerland Springs, Texas. Devin Kelley walked into First Baptist Church, located within the small town void of even a traffic light, and opened fire, killing men and women, children and babies. You’ve heard the news by now, and the details are chilling.

As we have told Insiders time and again before, anyone, of any design, can commit heinous acts. Yet, each inborn Brain Type strays in different directions once they choose their dark path (and yes, it is always a choice, often aided by substance abuse), and the consequences emerge differently. In cases of multiple killings, particularly in recent decades, one Brain Type has been largely responsible.

Jon Niednagel has profiled hundreds of cases over the decades, including his assistance with the Unabomber and O.J. Simpson evils, to many of the latest tragedies we have witnessed. While some inborn designs tend toward long-term calculated, premeditated murder, and others ‘in-the-moment’ rage, this one particular design is liable for a majority of slayings. They are keen to formulate basic yet strategic plans, carry them out rather quickly, and aren’t hesitant to do so on a large scale, often wanting the world to know their name or religious/ political beliefs.

Such was the case with Devin Kelley, whose history should have been enough to sound off any alarm. An avowed atheist, Kelley was court-martialed in 2012 and convicted for assaulting his wife and stepson (fracturing the child’s skull on two occasions!). He was often described as depressed and unfocused, and threatened his mother-in-law on several occasions. After the South Carolina shooting, Kelley even went so far as to say to a friend, “Isn’t it cool? Did you watch the news?” He complained that he wish he “had the nerve to do it, but all he would be able to do is kill animals.”

The response from the community and members of First Baptist Church has been inspiring to the nation, a test of faith that has caused them to draw closer together. This is evil, but all things work for good for those who love the Lord. We’ll pull together, this community will pull together. Sadly, these atrocities will continue until hearts are changed. Evil people will always find the tools to fulfill their depraved conditions, but can we do anything to alter their misdirected minds? Yes; share with everyone what King David implored millennia ago, Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against Thee.

Written by: Staff
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