He was once touted to be better than his brother, but BTInsiders knew better. Why? Because we told you so years ago, even as Mr. Eli Manning was at the cusp of winning another coveted Super Bowl title “There is no comparison,” we wrote back then, “except that they (Eli and Peyton) come from the same family.” We went on to tell you, “True, Eli, a #2 BEAR BT, has become one of the NFL’s better QBs this year; yet to compare his abilities with Peyton is absurd to those who know about the 16 inborn designs and watch the Manning’s games. Scores of evidences could be cited for Peyton’s superiority.”

Then we went on to name a few, also pointing out, “Eli has the ability to throw long and accurately. His body balance is better than Peyton’s, and he definitely uses more body in his throws. But his vision (including spatial logic) is not nearly as innately proficient as his brother’s nor is his brain for QB.”

And now, here we are at the end of 2017, where a recent article headlines, “Giants Bench Eli Manning.”  Yes, the same quarterback who won 2 Super Bowls with the Giants is now playing second string “for the first time in 13 years … The Giants, who fell to 2-9 with a loss to the Redskins on Thanksgiving, have struggled on many fronts, but Manning was particularly ineffective in what could be his final start for the team, completing 13 of 27 passes for 113 yards and an interception. This has not been Manning’s worst season statistically, but at 36 years old, with his days of being able to will his team into contention seemingly behind him, the Giants felt it was time to look at other options.”

We genuinely feel sorry for Eli. BTInsiders know full well that’s #2 BEAR males can be some of the nicest people in the world, caring for others and sympathizing with their hurts. Remember when Eli wept over Coach Coughlin when he was fired?  Coughlin had this to say when he heard of Manning’s demotion:  “Surprised is not the word. My sentiments are totally with Eli Manning. I love the kid. He is a class act. He is a two-time Super Bowl champ. He is the finest, most humblest young man in that locker room.”

Eli still remains the Giant’s best QB, but management has decided to look for younger blood, which is reasonable. Yet, handling this icon as they have, especially its poor timing, reflects organizational insensitivity and immaturity. Eli has handled this public humiliation with typical Manning class, as well as with his innate #2 BT, where he responded to media questioning teary-eyed and emotive. On the other hand, faced with the same situation, brother Peyton, the #5 Inanimate gunslinger, would likely have had a more impassive reaction.

Oh, and by the way, the #2 BT is a rarity among starting NFL QBs. Eli has been the only one in recent years. But guess what? Another one is out there, perhaps soon to become well known. Obviously, he won’t play just like Eli, since each person has his own unique non-BT nature and nurturing, but he does have the potential to gain the limelight. We can say, however, his cerebral neurochemical health is dissimilar to Eli’s.  Stay tuned.


Written by: Staff
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