We wanted to say goodbye to one of American’s most legendary broadcasters, Dick Enberg, who passed away shortly before Christmas at the age of 82.

With all due respect to other great announcers in the 70s and 80s if you were to have a decathlon of play-by-play, he would have won that decathlon of play-by-play because he did so many things exquisitely well, said Bob Costas (#15 FCIL). He did seven or eight things really, really well, and was at or near the top of all those things. And he did with the combination of extraordinary craftsmanship, meticulous preparation, facility with words and a genuine not a manufactured, but a genuine boyish enthusiasm. He was a sentimental man but there was nothing inauthentic about that enthusiasm.

What a perfect description of the #9 FCAR Mr. Enberg. Genuine, sentimental, and a man with a “boyish enthusiasm”, Enberg possessed a kind, endearing personality that drew audiences all over the world to him and his broadcasting. He was a soft-hearted man, and a colleague shared a story when Dick was recently brought back to CBS to call a Roger Federer U.S. Open match. The match, however, was cut short due to rain. “Dick was genuinely crushed. I watched him pack his bag he’d written out pages and pages of notes. He so wanted to tell the viewers what he felt about Roger, what he saw in him. I’m sorry he didn’t get the chance. I also feel badly that his retirement happened the same year as Vin Scully’s. It’s like losing Mozart and Chopin at the same time.”

Anyone recall Scully’s Brain Type? He is just a letter off Enberg, being an #11 FCAL. Both men were gifted CA “Storks” who could wield a mic like warriors wielding a sword. As Niednagel writes in his book, Brain Types and Parenting, “Vocationally, Personal Imaginers often pursue journalism, ministry, motivational speaking, education, health care, and other jobs accentuating their speech and language interests and their affection for people.”

Bob Costas also confessed of Enberg, “He was always better than I was on the pageantry part because he had that genuine boyish enthusiasm for everything.” Yes, although a #15 FCIL like Costas can have their routine down pat (even better than a #9), they simply cannot parallel the #9‘s relationship/social skills.

Thanks for the many years of warm memories, Dick.

Written by: Staff
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