Well, football fans, it’s been decided. Two teams are going to the Super Bowl the following Sunday, and yes, one of them again happens to be the New England Patriots. Mastermind and consummate CEO #15 FCIL BT, Bill Belichick, continues his successful, illustrious career by implementing craftily-planned plays (often including strategic, conservative, short passes with the occasional long-ball thrown to a typically open receiver) for his highly compliant quarterback Mr. Tom Brady (#9 FCAR). For nearly 2 decades now Brady has been trained by the #15 Field-marshal, considered the top NFL coach ever. To Brady’s credit, his inborn, in-sync and highly-coordinated gross and fine motors allow him to throw to the oft-open receiver with velocity, accuracy, and ease. Not only is his Brain Type arguably the most accommodating and people-pleasing among top athletes, it also welcomes someone providing an organized, logical strategic system (where the#9‘s brain naturally doesn’t venture).

But who is this other team we see going head-to-head against the NFL’s top juggernaut? Why, it’s the Philadelphia Eagles, who have only seen a Super Bowl twice in their franchise history. The last time was in 2004, and yes, it was against Mr. Brady and his Patriots. The Eagles lost that game, and revenge would be pretty sweet.

So back to the Super Bowl match up, the injured Carson Wentz is to be largely credited for the Eagles stellar 13-3 record, and it’s highly unfortunate to have him on the sidelines. Still, with QB Nick Foles at the helm, the Eagles stand a fighting chance provided they can “throw” Brady off his game (and the refs don’t hand it to him and the Pats). How does one do this? We won’t go into too much detail here, but remember that #9’s are highly emotional beings. A few hard shoves and sacks, plus teammates’ mistakes, can go a long way in making an FCAR flustered, and that’s what needs to happen to Brady at key points in the game in order to get to him mentally make that emotionally for the visceral #9. Yes, it’s all about what is inside the head that can win or lose ball games.

With their reported history of cheating, not to mention deflate-gate, most of the country will be rooting against the Pats and cheering for the Birds to win the SB trophy. It’ll be fun to watch!

Written by: Staff