He received a 75% approval rating according to a CBS News poll, with viewers most appreciating President Donald Trump’s views on the nation’s infrastructure, immigration, and national security. Yes, it was time for another State of the Union address, and boy was it a long one, running about 1 hour and 20 minutes and being the 3rd ever longest in American history! Of course, about a half hour of it was applause, but who’s counting? (And by the way, guess who holds the record for the lengthiest, gift-of-gab POTUS discourse? If you guess another long-winded #15, like Slick-Willie Clinton, you’re a winner!)

Did anyone notice our #15 FCIL President’s speed and tone during his speech? He talked remarkably slower, with his tone being noticeably softer and monotone. He definitely didn’t get coached by former President Barack Obama (#13 FCIR), who preferred to speak rather quickly and abruptly like he was a good ol’ buddy of yours. Trump was very careful and calculated, no doubt on purpose in order not to stray too far from his pre-written script. Remember, #15s are masters of abandoning the teleprompter (since think so well on their feet when they care to), while #13s (ala Mr. Obama) typically rely on them like crutches after a broken leg (since the Right Brain disdains boundaries and limitations).

Even many critics agree that Trump did well. Now comes year number 2, where ‘The Donald’ hopes to make good on more campaign promises in order to keep his core base and likely seek reelection. After all, if we know one thing about FCILs, they don’t relinquish power very easily. Just ask Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, or Michelle Obama who’s presently hiding in the weeds ready to come to the Dem rescue in 2020.

Written by: Staff