At first glance, he’s just another football player. At second glance, there’s something very different about him.

His name is Shaquem Griffin, and he was ?only 4 years old when doctors amputated his left hand a day after his mother found him in the kitchen attempting to cut off his fingers. Why? The young Griffin has amniotic band syndrome, a congenital birth defect, and whenever he touched anything his hands would feel scorched with pain.

Now he’s playing football, and Griffin was recently invited at the last minute to the NFL combine. From central Florida, the one-handed do-it-all defender did something amazing on Saturday with his prosthetic left hand, and the crowd was going wild. Shaquem was simply bench pressing, and his personal max had been 11 reps with 225 pounds. But this time,My goal was six. As he started pumping, however, and as the crowds continued to cheer, Griffin’s adrenaline, or Brain Type, kicked in. I said, this thing feels like 135. Let Griffin recounted. And I just started cranking them out.

You see, Griffen is #1 FEAR, and if BTInsiders know anything about this Brain Type it’s that they control the large, gross-motor muscles better than any other design (which can make for bench pressing prowess). Equally significant, they love, love, love to entertain! When the attention turns to them, watch out! Everybody in the stands was hyping me up. I got the guys I’m here with hyping me up. It felt amazing. I was ready to go. I was ready to attack it. When all was said and done, Griffin had busted out 20 reps. It was amazing, hearing the crowd and having the juices flowing, I mean I felt it. I didn”t know I had it in me.

Ironically, #1s generally do not excel at bench pressing; though they are the best with the large muscle groups, especially the body’s core, they use the arms secondarily. If anything, they rely on the triceps, but the forearms and hands are much more innately passive. Also, #1s do not like to go through the pain and self-discipline of bench pressing; if they have to suffer, they?ll choose a whole body exercise which they can do more naturally and easily. Yet, give them a crowd, and the ola #1 will immediately begin to perform relishing the attention. By the way, after his bench press success, he then ran the fastest time of a linebacker not only at this year’s combine but of all time!!

We could have told you, Shaquem, that you had it in you. Great job, and thanks for being an inspiration to us all.

Written by: Staff
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