She’s not world-famous, or even that big of a name, but while you’re flipping through television channels from time to time you may see her bright, beaming face as she relates to you the latest news from around the world on the Fox News channel.  Her name is Shannon Bream, and she’s an energetic, motivated #9 FCAR.  Truth be told, there aren’t too many female #9s in the on-camera news business, where one must be professional, organized, concise, and just plain logical, but Shannon pulls it off well in her own friendly, relaxed way.

Off screen, she enjoys fly fishing, relaxing at the beach, playing the piano, and composing music, all very quintessential #9 interests and traits. “I was a kid who tried everything from gymnastics to drama classes. When I sat at the piano keyboard at five years old, something clicked. It felt so familiar, like I wasn’t learning something new as much as I was finding my way home. I find playing, and now composing, to be very therapeutic.”

Any #9s out there who can relate?  As Niednagel writes in Brain Types and Parenting, “For the FCAR, every day new possibilities come into view and are acted upon.  A highly active imagination drives the FCAR to bounce from one activity to the next, creating even more energy and bringing passengers along.  There is never a dull moment.”

That’s for sure!

Written by: Staff
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