So if you’re an Uber driver planning on picking up a famous millionaire, you’d better have a nice ride ready for them.  If you’re an Uber driver picking up a #15 FCIL female millionaire, you’d REALLY better have a nice ride ready.

So decoration goddess Martha Stuart had never called an Uber driver before and recently decided to give it a try.  Afterwards, she posted a lengthy Instagram rant about her first ride and how it turned out to be a “mess inside and out.”  Apparently, her first Uber didn’t even show. The second arrived 10 minutes late and at the wrong address.  Stewart wrote on her Instagram that it stopped halfway down the block and she “could not see the license plate.”  And that wasn’t all.  Inside the vehicle it was extremely messy with water bottles and dirt and leaves all over the floor.  Stewart showed the world by taking plenty of pictures, and she was particularly disappointed because she called for a high-end Uber driver, not your average run-of-the-mill versions (Uber offers lower and higher levels of service).

Maybe #1 FEAR Dolly Parton would have been more forgiving?  Probably.  Still, Stewart posted that “I have been a fan of the concept since day one!!!!!”

Written by: Staff
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