So siblings Candace and Kirk Cameron were out with family for a fun time go-cart racing recently, when something (or someone) went terribly wrong.  The Fuller House star Candace was sent to the hospital’s emergency room after her feisty, competitive brother Kirk “ran me over” during the intense race.  In pictures shared on Instagram, Candace showed her severely swollen and bruised hand.  “I’m waiting to see if I broke my hand or fractured it or what,” the actress said from her hospital bed.

Anyway remember Kirk’s Brain Type?  He’s an energetic #9 FCAR, who has a tendency to push reality aside (as dominant Conceptuals) and go for the gusto, especially when “extraverting”, whether that be in sports, or vocation, or yes, even go-cart racing.  “Hi everybody, I’m the culprit. I’m the crazy driver,” wrote Kirk.  “It was my fault completely, I tried to cut her off and take the lead, bad.”  Yes, Mr. Cameron apparently got a little too excited and, like the #9 and #13 NFL QBs who get too amped, lost his spatial reasoning, imagining he saw an opening that just wasn’t there.  An innocent mistake, but it nearly cost his sister her hand!

Written by: Staff
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