Zombie Geezers!  That’s what two particular quarterbacks in the NFL are being called.  One is 41-years of age, and the other 40, and both men are only one game away from the Super Bowl.  “If they weren’t playing next weekend for a shot at the Super Bowl, they’d be side-by-side in a mummy exhibit,” writes one overly-eccentric journalist.

But these two men, Tom Brady and Drew Brees, have something much more important in common.  Amazingly, both star quarterbacks are #9 FCARs.  For those out-of-the-know, this means both Brady and Brees are Front brain dominant (high energy), Conceptual (imaginative, “big picture”), Animate (personal, subjective, driven by “feelings”), and Right brain dominant (flexible, adaptable).  Both men are anomalies in a sport commonly dominated by #13 FCIR quarterbacks who rely on their quick-thinking objective, spatial decision making.  LIke #13s, FCARs are dominant Conceptuals.  When relaxed, they can have very good spatial-vision (being Right brain dominant), but when things tighten up, they tend to “imagine” what’s there (i.e. the open man) when reality might be otherwise.  This fundamental difference between the #5 FEIR (dominant Empirical) and the #13 FCIR is what has made Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, Dan Marino, John Elway, and Joe Namath household names.

But guess what?  There’s another Animate quarterback one game away from the Super Bowl.  He is Jared Goff of the Los Angeles Rams, a #2 BEAR.  Other #2s have included Eli Manning, and Steve McNair..  Again, when calm and relaxed, they can really zing the ball with great accuracy (big muscle EA gross motors).  Because Goff has such a talented football team, he need only play decent for the Rams to go all the way.  Remember, Eli himself has two Super Bowl rings on his fingers!

At any rate, it will be quite interesting to see how the Animate QBs fair in the next couple weeks during the BIG moments, especially when playing on the road!

Written by: Staff
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