There’s one #5 FEIR who apparently likes President Donald Trump (#15 FCIL), and another #5 FEIR who really, really doesn’t.  Let’s start with the first.

Does the name Jose Canseco ring a bell?  Yes, he was the “rat” that brought steroid use in the MLB to the public eye years ago.  He was also one heck of a baseball player, hitting .266 with a .353 on-base percentage and 462 home runs in 17 seasons. The 1986 AL Rookie of the Year, Canseco played for seven teams from 1985 to 2001.  Sure, the steroids helped, but they also helped a lot of other players over the years!  At any rate, Conseco recently tweeted to the Donald: “Hey little buddy @realDonaldTrump u need a bash brother for Chief of Staff.  Got a secret reorg plan already. Also worried about you looking more like a Twinkie everyday. I will buff you up with daily workouts. DM me. #yeswecanseco”

Stated as only a hilarious #5 could state it!  Conseco may not make the best Chief of Staff, but he sure could help Trump lose a few pounds!  To be sure, you don’t find too many FEIRs out of shape;  it’s a rarity.  Instead, think of Sylvester Stalone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Hulk (Hollywood) Hogan.  As dominant Right brained Empiricals, they are highly “in tune” with their bodies, noticing every detail about their look and appearance.

Meanwhile, one female #5 FEIR detests our President.  We know her simply as Cher, and the singer/actress recently tweeted that Nancy Pelosi (#15 FCIL) should just let Donald “have his #$% money” to fund the wall, otherwise “PPL WILL STARVE LOSE THEIR HOMES, B UNABLE 2 C DRS.”  Make no mistake, Cher is no fan of the wall, but she thinks Nancy should simply let Trump have his way.  The biggest Brain Type lesson here?  FEIRs are willing to compromise (a trait of the flexible Right hemisphere), while FCILs rarely do (unless forced).

And the government shutdown continues.  Hand it to Trump.  He campaigned on building the wall, and he’s getting done what he promised his supporters.  We’ll see which #15 is the first to capitulate, or that Trump just implements an emergency response to the Border fence—leaving both #15s to hold their ground!

Written by: Staff
(written by staff)