So former football sensation Tim Tebow‘s finally getting hitched!  For years and years now he’s been waiting for just the right one (and saving himself physically, he says).  Last week, Tebow proposed to former Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, who said “yes”, and he presented his bride-to-be with quite the rock, FEAR style.  It’s 7.25-carats, and estimated to be worth $500k to $800k or more!  Brain Typists know that, when it comes to gift giving or bling, #1s are the masters.  They love spending money on themselves and others, ala Elvis Presley.  At any rate, they celebrated afterwards with family and friends with a surprise party, and continued the festivities later with a trip to Walt Disney World!

So what kind of gal is Tim marrying?  Actually, one who is not quite unlike himself.  Nel-Peters, from South Africa, is a #9 FCAR, full of energy and spirit.  She says as a high-school student she greatly struggled, especially with math  “I just couldn’t get myself to focus and do what I needed to do to pass.  I realized that prioritizing is so important … I finally graduated with ‘A’s and I worked really, really  hard to get that.”  To be sure, #9s often succeed in life through pure hard-work, overcoming their Inanimate deficiencies by channeling their inner desire to be loved and noticed by others and be the best.

Academically, #9s especially rely on their dominant Conceptual abilities, making quick links with other similarities. And if relaxed, when they introspect (which is hard for the #9 energizer bunny to do!), they will be able to access their Right brain logic (not their favorite brain region).  Nonetheless, they are capable of achieving great learning IF they can only discipline themselves to slow down and delve into the ‘impersonal’ world.

It now makes sense why the #1 and #9 went to Disney, doesn’t it?  What better place for two happy, feel-good Brain Types to go than the happiest place on earth!

Written by: Staff
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