How often do you see an NBA owner slap a player?  Really, when have you EVER seen that happen?  Before a few weeks, we couldn’t think of a single time.  The Charlotte Hornets were playing the Detroit Pistons last week when Malik Monk (#13 FCIR) ran out onto the floor to congratulate Jeremy Lamb (#13 FCIR) after a game-winning shot.  The time hadn’t run out, however, and he was called for a technical.  After Malik returned to the bench, he got a serious “love tap” from Charlotte owner Michael Jordan (#6 BEIR), sitting in the second row.  To be sure, it was a little more than a “love tap” and more like a nice slap to the back of the head.  In this day and age of political correctness, it was a risky move on Mr. Jordan’ part, and after a bit of controversy over the move he told the Associated Press, “It was like a big brother and little brother tap.  No negative intent. Only love!”

Monk himelf was cool with it (what else could he do? After all it was the icon owner!) and afterwards stated, “It’s Mike, and whatever he does is going to make [news] because nowadays it’s all social media and everybody has their phone out there and I wasn’t surprised.”  Yes indeed, it was Mike, and had Monk and Mike been behind closed doors when the incident occurred, Monk would have likely received much more than a slap!  Remember, the #6 BEIR is arguably the most competitive, fiery design of the 16 Brain Types (especially males—wired in the fight, not flight cerebral region), and when you pull a non-thinking move like Malik did, watch out!  MJ channeled his inner Mike Tyson (#6), and he was noticeably TO’d.

If you watch the video, Malik was nearly on the opposing team’s foul line when Lamb’s shot went through the basket!  You talk about dominant Conceptual (and logic secondary)!

Written by: Staff
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