The Patriots took down the Rams in Super Bowl 53 in what was perhaps one of the most boring Super Bowls ever.  Critics agree that watching the two powerhouses go at it was anything but.  The Rams, led by frightened Jared Goff #2 BEAR), didn’t even score a single touchdown.  The Patriots had just one, with the final score a measly 13-3 (the lowest in NFL history!).  And now, just as expected, the media is again calling Tom Brady (#9 FCAR) the greatest quarterback of all time.

As we’ve told our audience so many times before, Brady has flourished in coach Bill Belichick’s (#15 FCIL) prolific and organized offensive system.  Remember, Tom himself admitted in the past that, had he been playing for any other team (or man), his career would have been drastically different.

Peter King:  Do you ever wonder what would have happened if you had been drafted by Arizona?
Tom Brady: Yeah, I’d be on my third team by now.

And Tom’s exactly right.  It’s one thing to call a golfer the greatest of all time, or a tennis star the best who has ever played, because these are single-player sports (even in basketball one can argue a #6 BEIR Michael Jordan is the greatest due to his ability to dominate the ball and win a game single-handedly).  But, a quarterback?  Football is a complicated, chess-like, multi-man sport, and Brady was placed in the ideal position for his Brain Type to succeed.  Remember, even when Brady has been absent and a backup quarterback was forced to play, Belichick has continued his winning ways.  With or without Tom, the Belichick train (once it mastered the offensive system, not in Belichick’s early days) has chugged along without fail (and let’s not forget Billy wanted to get rid of Brady for Jimmy Garoppolo).  He has taken many a player from the scrap heap, regardless of his position and past performances, and turned him into a renowned NFL performer.  The #15 is the consummate CEO, knowing how to develop people optimally while putting them in a system and position where they will not fail, but excel.

Brady himself has said about the GOAT compliment, “I don’t even like it.  It makes me cringe.”   Tom’s response should be appreciated, as he certainly hasn’t gone the way of #1 FEARs Mohammad Ali and Lebron James (both have called themselves the greatest of all time).  Yet, he doesn’t go far enough. He should be praising Belichick’s system, both offensively and defensively, and saying Bill  is largely responsible for their 6 rings, or even 2 of them.

Without going into the detail as we have before, one of Brady’s greatest attributes has been as an accurate passer, coordinating gross and fine motors with #9 rhythm. His atypical (healthy) neurotransmitters have kept him calm for the most part, something #9s can struggle with on and off the field. And as the normative #9, he desires immensely to be liked and accepted by his organization. FCARs are highly compliant, especially when they believe they are being directed properly.  Couple this with Belichick’s offense, where short and quick passes are treasured, and receivers get open by questionable (rules violating) rubs or picks, Brady has mastered this scheme by decades of compliance and practice.

Yet what constitutes the greatest QB of all time?  Wouldn’t it be the one who could masters the position without outside help, having to call plays and audibles while making unplanned throws?  The consummate QB masters both mind and body.  Put him onto any team, and he’ll try to make order out of chaos, all on the fly.  Of course it extends beyond this, but before any more of us go jumping on the Brady bandwagon, take a breath and consider what actually deems the top QB.  By brain and body definition, history proves it has been the #5 FEIR Brain Type, bar none.  Yet, this does not mean they will be the best QB for every team, depending upon the coaching staff and team philosophy. In fact, an uncompliant #5 will likely drive an organized coach rather crazy.  That is, till the #5 pulls a Houdini and wins the biggest of games—as many #5s have done throughout NFL history.

Let’s not forget the #5 FEIR Houdinis like Joe Montana, Bret Favre, John Elway, and Peyton Manning who pulled rabbits out of the hat without being directed exactly what to do from the sidelines as though he were in a Broadway musical (yes, they were often precisely ordered, but leave it to the gun slinging #5, they often went off script.).  Without Belichick, there would be no Brady, at least not a Brady with 6 Super Bowl rings on his fingers.  Had fellow #9 Drew Brees been a Patriot, you can be sure he would be wearing those same 6 rings, as would a number of other above-average quarterbacks of the past!

Written by: Staff
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