The #3 FEAL doesn’t appear in mug shots all that often.  This dominant Animate, Left brain Brain Type typically values rules, principles, harmony and structure.  While there have been a few in pro sports who have gotten themselves into trouble (the NBA’s Rasheed Wallace or the NFL’s Greg Hardy), outside of sports you would be hard-pressed to find many who have spent time behind bars (many reasons for this).  At any rate, we recently found a #3 who did spend a bit of time in the slammer, and his name is Warner Wolf.

Does that name ring a bell?  Wolf is a long-time American television and radio sports broadcaster best known as a local news sports anchor in Washington, D.C. and more recently New York City.  “Let’s go to the videotape!” has been his well-known catchphrase, and ironically, it was videotape that proved his guilt.  Authorities said footage was recovered that showed Wolf vandalizing a sign at a private gated community where he lives.  Apparently Wolf had lobbied to remove the word “Plantation”, due to its past link to civil rights abuses, from “Classics Plantation Estates” in Naples, Florida, but his cries fell on deaf ears.  And so William Wolfe took matters into his own hands, literally, and removed the sign.

Not your typical criminal case, is it?  Step on a #3‘s values, and watch out!  Clearly Wolf’s emotions got the best of him.  To his credit, he did initially try to “follow the rules” by placing a formal complaint, but when that didn’t work, all logic and reasoning went out the window!  Yikes!

Values are good.  Vandalism is bad.

Written by Staff
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