In our last article we touched upon a #3 FEAL who acted a bit of character by vandalizing a community sign.  Today, we have a report for you on a #8 BEIL who similarly behaved a bit “out of Brain Type,” throwing down a clipboard and nearly attacking a referee after calling a flagrant foul on one of his players.

We’re talking about the Warrior’s head coach Steve Kerr.  After the Blazers’ Zach Collins (#13 FCIR) went up for a dunk and was fouled by Draymond Green (#1 FEAR), the referees reviewed the play and ended up giving Draymond a flagrant.  Kerr couldn’t believe it, screaming at official Kenny Mauer and throwing his clipboard to the ground.  Wow, not something you see everyday!  The usually mild-mannered #8 Steve Kerr was immediately tossed from the game, held back and escorted off the court by fellow #1 FEAR Kevin Durant.  After the game, Kerr stated, “I was just shocked that it was called a flagrant foul.  That was head-scratching that [it] could be called a flagrant foul. I mean, the guy’s going to go up for a dunk; you got to make sure he doesn’t dunk it. So I told [official] Kenny [Mauer] I beg to differ.”

Don’t you love Steve’s choice of words AFTER he calmed down: “beg to differ”?  Now that sounds more #8.  Yet, Draymond Green thought Kerr’s fire was fantastic.“I loved that, too. That was amazing. It’s great. He set the tone for us to close the game the way we did. It was good.”

To be sure, nothing bothers the dominant Empirical #8 more than others twisting reality.  If you observe the play, Green does make a healthy foul, but one deserving of a flagrant foul?  No, not if you take the definition at face value.  “A flagrant foul is a personal foul that involves excessive or violent contact that could injure the fouled player.”  Not even close.

It’s ok, Steve.  Your Golden State Warriors are still first place in the league.

Written by: Staff
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