One thing is certain.  #15 FCILs know how to get the point across.  Their secret?  Don’t rush it!

Did you catch President Trump‘s State of the Union address Tuesday evening?  His address, at 82 minutes in length, was the longest such speech since President Bill Clinton’s 89-minute one in 2000 and the third-longest ever.  As one journalist points out, “Neither Richard Nixon (#7 FEIL), Gerald Ford (#15 FCIL), Jimmy Carter (#16 BCIL), Ronald Reagan (#15 FCIL), or George H.W. Bush (#11 FCAL) had a single State of the Union that went over an hour.  Bill Clinton (#15 FCIL) bucked the trend, giving both the longest and second-longest State of the Union addresses on record.”

Perhaps one thing President Trump and former President Clinton share in common is a big ego.  To be fair to our President, however, there were many moments during his speech where he stepped aside from the podium to give honor to special guests and allow the audience to applause or even celebrate with one another.  “At one point, he allowed Democratic women extra time to celebrate on the House floor as he mentioned the gains women made in Congress in the midterm elections. At another, he paused as the assembled members of Congress sang ‘happy birthday’ to Judah Samet, a survivor of the Holocaust and last year’s Tree of Life synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh.”

The Donald covered issues including immigration, the economy, foreign policy, and abortion.  He used perhaps the strongest language ever used by any President before him when he stated, “All children, born unborn, are made in the holy image of God.”  Regarding the new far-left ideals, he stated, “The United States will never be a socialist country.”

Yes, we told Brain Type followers some 3 decades ago of Donald Trump’s Presidential Brain Type, and now he is our actual President.  Nobody thought he could get there, but those “in-the-know” knew that The #15 Donald not only had an unrelenting drive, but between the ears, he was more than capable!

Written by: Staff
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