Did you all hear that golf’s Michelle Wie is getting hitched?  The #9 FCAR ladies golfer is head over heals for the young man who proposed to her recently, writing on Twitter, “Never have I met someone that lifts me up on a daily basis, yet grounds me like he does. He is my best friend and my one great love all wrapped up in one. Calling our parents right after and seeing the joy in their faces had to be one of the happiest moments of my life 😍😍 My person, I ❤️ you with every molecule in my body. #WieGoesWest.”


Wie goes West?  Yes, in case you didn’t catch the hint, Michelle is tying the knot with Johnnie West, son of NBA legend Jerry West (#6 BEIR).  Johnnie is currently serving as director of basketball operations for the Golden State Warriors, and although he hasn’t yet been Brain Typed, we may take a look soon and let our viewers know.  At any rate, wait till the happy-go-luck Wie really gets to know her no-nonsense father-in-law!  Yikes!

Also, did you happen to notice the “every molecule in my body” statement by Michelle?  How’s that for the love-and-be-loved, romantic, idealistic #9?  Gotta love it!

Written by: Staff
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