They are athletic, smooth, loose, and flexible, but on the PGA (and LPGA) tour they’re nearly non-existent.  Only a couple of well-known men with this Brain Type have in fact ever played on Tour (to our knowledge), and these men have been Vijay Singh and, yes, Tiger Woods.  Due in large part to this flexibility and coordinated motor-skills, the #10 BCAR, like Vijay, can play well into their older years (as can the #2 BEAR, ala Ernie Els).  And so, when Tiger Woods pulled off another victory at the Masters Sunday, those with the knowledge of Type weren’t altogether surprised!

Yes, Woods has been a bit of an unpredictable anomaly.  Though a “loosy-goosy” BCAR, he spent his first decade on Tour swinging like a ticking time-bomb.  That is, Tiger swung with such force, quickness and power that no human body could long endure (the human back, in particular).  This author remembers Jon Niednagel often saying many years ago, “He is just not gonna last,” and that is exactly what happened.  Back surgery after surgery brought Mr. Woods to his knees, literally, but in his later, wiser years, Tiger has held-back his back, so to speak, and yesterday proved once again that one can win by playing smarter, not harder.  Tiger’s approach game, and putting, were exceptional, and the adverse weather conditions kept the competition at bay in what led to another green jacket for one of golf’s greatest champions.

Another thing that may have helped?  After two bogeys on the 4th and 5th hole, Tiger’s caddie, Joe LaCava, reportedly started cursing out his player.  Woods then apparently ducked into a restroom and did the same to himself.  Yes, the #10 got ticked, and if you know anything about #10s, they can get pretty aggressive when they’re ticked (think of Moses slaying the Egyptian, or beating the rock).  Tiger stepped out, threw down a few birdies on the back 9, took back the lead, and the rest is history.  “Never lose the tenseness, but be loose out there. Don’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders,” LaCava told Tiger.  For a #10, that’s some good advice!

Best of all, Tiger seems to be enjoying himself more, turning into a truer-bluer #10 we all know is deep inside him. (For one, the dominance of his #13 father’s oversight altered some of his natural #10 proclivities.)  “He’s high-fiving people, he’s talking to people, he’s signing autographs,” LaCava said. “He’s much more fan-friendly, which I think is awesome. He’s great with the kids, talking to guys in groups more … and everybody out there is pulling for him. How many guys did you see sitting there waiting for him on 18?”

Written by: Staff
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