So we all know #5 FEIRs can be pretty cool.  Arnold, Sly Stalone, Johnny Cash, John Wayne, and Clint Eastwood all have that swagger we more stilted Brain Types only wish we could pull off.  FEIRs are also adventure seekers.  They love thrills.  They love the next big thing.  They love getting that adrenaline rush from taking big risks in life, whether that’s in the business office or out in nature.  Golf’s Greg Norman, at 64 years of age, is still doing just that, and made headlines last week after catching a giant hammerhead shark.

It was by accident, really.  Norman joined the crew of BlacktipH, an extreme online fishing show, and after snagging an 80 point black tip shark, something much larger caught their eye.  “All of a sudden this giant hammerhead came flying in on the blacktip. It was the most incredible scene I’d ever witnessed,” Norman said.  The hammerhead ate the blacktip shark WHOLE, and that’s when things really got crazy, as the hammerhead took off with the fishing line.  Norman quickly grabbed the reel and started to work the 14-foot hammerhead in, which they said was literally “towing” their boat.  Four hours later, tired and fatigued, Greg was able to pull the hammerhead to the side of the boat. “When you start thinking about the poundage that this fish is pulling around — not just the boat but the people on the boat and the fuel on the boat — that is an impressive statement about the energy and the power of these magnificent animals,” Norman described.

They snapped their photos, and even jumped into the water with the magnificent fish.  The beast was released, and it may in fact set a new world record for largest hammerhead ever caught.  Wow!

Check out the footage below to see the incredible encounter.  Yes, how appropriate for “The Great White Shark” to capture one of the world’s largest sharks.  Good going, Greg!

Written by: Staff
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