Did you hear Magic Johnson stepped down last week from his position as President of the Los Angeles Lakers?  BTInsiders know that Magic is a #1 FEAR,  not your typical CEO Brain Type that wants to make tough decisions, tell people what to do, and be driven by dates and deadlines that bog a person down.  And so, when Magic said, “I was happier when I wasn’t the president,” our response was, essentially, “No duh!”

We are not saying #1s cannot hold an executive position.  It takes a disciplined, well-trained trained FEAR, however, to truly enjoy it—especially in a large organization.  Truth be told, it has been well reported that Johnson “never fully committed to the job. Often he was traveling and away from the team. His office hours were limited. He didn’t do a lot of scouting. Running an NBA team takes a tremendous commitment of time and energy.”  Still, the the decision was not easy for Magic.  “It’s hard when you love an organization like I love this organization,” he stated with tears streaming down his face.  Yes, for the #1, it’s all about love!  According to insiders Johnson also said he “likes to be free to congratulate players” and that he “couldn’t be himself.”  Yes, try forcing any dominant Empirical Brain Type to be something other than who they are, and you will be in for a very tough time.

One of “The Magic Man’s” last statements was pretty hilarious.   “I’m a free bird and I can’t be handcuffed … This is a good day.”

Enjoy your freedom, MJ!

Written by: Staff
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